Motorized Window Treatments

Works with modern smart home devices.

Get Moving With Motorized Window Treaments



Enjoy the juncture of convenience and style with custom motorized window treatments.

Motorized window treatments offer remote control shade operation. Compatible with nearly every shade and blind, motorizing window treatments offer a new world of accessibility features.

Whether you want motorized blinds for hard-to-reach windows or the pleasures of remote operation, this system might be perfect for your home. Battery-powered motorized blinds and shades frequently offer smart control compatibility. That means you could use your smartphone as a remote control for your motorized shade.

Now’s the time to upgrade to motorized window treatments. Recent updates to motor technology and remote control interfaces for smart automation systems are reducing the costs of motorization. Transitioning your home to motorized window treatments has always been challenging.

With our certified GOLD “Somfy” expert on staff, we have the expertise to help you design and install the perfect custom motorized window treatments for your home. Contact experts from Made in the Shade Blinds & More to start designing your ideal motorized blinds and shades today.

smart phone

Control from your mobile device.

timer on windows

Set timer easily with the app.

voice activated

Voice activated with your smart home device.


Control from anywhere with internet access.

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Window Motorization Key Features:

Motorization does more than provide a convenient way of operating your window treatments. With advanced smart technology integrated into many of these systems, motorization offers unbelievable features. Some of the most notable features of motorized window treatments include:

  • Complete remote operation
  • Smartphone-operated windows, blinds, and shades
  • Connection to your Alexa system to utilize voice command blind operations
  • Technological improvements allow for minimal pricing for motorization
  • Synchronized operations with various settings to change multiple blinds at once
  • Motorization availability for blinds, shades, and curtains
  • Solar-powered motors allow for energy-efficient operations
  • Sun-sensor controls can increase your home’s energy efficiency by automatically lowering blinds to preserve indoor coolness
  • Programmable timing for automatic lifts and lowers to increase operational ease
  • Child and pet safety features to avoid mishaps
  • Increased lifespan of your blinds due to the lack of manual operation and physical force
  • Preserves the look of your window treatments for longer

With so many benefits and features, there’s no reason to wait longer to upgrade to motorized window treatments.

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