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Why Choose Us for Your Window Shutters?

We are Little Rock’s premier dealer for window shutters.  We are also a NORMAN Shutter certified dealer focused on bringing you the best quality shutter, at the best price.

Everyone agrees shutters add a touch of class.  They offer timeless style and aesthetic beauty to any environment.  Plus, we deliver the best shutters in the industry. When comparing the many window treatment options, shutters are considered by many to be the all-around best solution.

Furthermore, adding premium shutters is like adding fine furniture to your windows. Shutters are also the ONLY window covering that actually adds coveted resale value to your home.

We have simplified the process of buying shutters into a simple 10-step guide.  It is titled, “Top 10 Things You Need to Know Before Buying Shutters.”  Please take a look at this blog and the links for more information.  This will help focus your decision on the important aspects of the shutter purchase.  Our goal is to provide unbiased information so that you can make the right decision for your lifestyle, home, and budget.

In addition, here is a link to an excellent article written by Made in the Shade San Antonio.  It describes the pros & cons of shutters to help you determine if these are the right solution for you.

The Pros & Cons of Plantation Shutter BLOG

Our custom wood shutters are available in real wood, composite, and durable faux wood.  Finally, we even offer premium stained hardwood for the ultimate in style and finish. We offer 3 different louver sizes.  These include 2-1/2” for a more traditional look.  We use 3-1/2” for a more contemporary look.  Finally, we offer 4-1/2” for the modern look.

Cost Considerations

The cost of installing custom shutters in your home hinges on a variety of factors, most notably the size and quantity required.  The base materials and finishes you select will also impact the budget.

Generally speaking, hardwood shutters tend to be the most expensive, and faux wood shutters are the most affordable.  Composite generally falls somewhere in the middle.

Ron Carter Design Tip:

The hottest trend in shutters across Little Rock is the 4 1/2″ louver with “Invisible Tilt” so you don’t see any tilt rods.  We finish this contemporary look by removing the horizontal dividers from the panels.  All you see are the beautiful louvers and the view outside–it is stunning.  Shutters truly add elegance and sophistication to any home.  Consider finishing the look of and open arch above the shutter with a Faux Iron Grille–it is an amazing look.

Shutter Features:

  • Provide a very decorative, timeless look
  • Operable louvers allow you to control natural light
  • Provide excellent visibility—larger louvers provide a better view
  • Our real wood shutters are made from the highest grade of North American hardwoods
  • Our faux and composite shutters look like real wood.  Their materials are able to resist high humidity areas, fading and cracking
  • The superior insulation design keeps heating and cooling costs down for greater energy savings
  • Heavy-duty construction ensures long life
  • The perfect solution for large windows, special shapes, and arched windows
  • Cordless to ensure child safety
  • Ideal for increasing the value of your home (actually considered a fixed part of the home, not an accessory during home appraisal)

Remember, there is plenty of information on our blog page, so feel free to look around.