Faux Wood Blinds in Little Rock, AR

The Look and Feel of Real Wood — Without the Expense!

Custom Faux Wood Blinds for Windows

Many homeowners love the look of natural wood accents within their homes, especially for their window treatments. However, wood’s cost and maintenance needs can make hardwood blinds an unrealistic idea. Fortunately, customized faux wood blinds offer homeowners the same aesthetic and functional benefits of real wood.

With exceptional light filtering, moisture resistance, easy maintenance, and an organic look, faux woods could be perfect for your custom blinds. Made in the Shade Blinds & More‘s design experts in Little Rock offer a stunning array of paint colors, finishes, and accessories to make your faux wood blinds stand out.


Faux wood blinds offer many benefits and features, including:

  • Custom light filtering
  • Motorization capabilities
  • UV inhibitors to combat fading, cracking, and snapping of PVC materials
  • Aesthetic versatility with various colors and wood grains
  • Excellent insulation and energy efficiency improvements to reduce energy bills
  • Cordless faux wood blinds to eliminate safety hazards
  • A lower cost compared to traditional real wood blinds

Customizable Options for Faux Wood Blinds

Customizing your faux wood blinds ensures you create the perfect window coverings for your space. By combining our color options, cloth tape finishes, and additional hardware, Made in the Shade Little Rock’s professionals help homeowners create stunning window treatments according to their desires.

Exploring your customization options for faux wood blinds can feel daunting without help. Made in the Shade Blinds Little Rock’s design experts can help you sort through blind customizations to make treatments that feel special to you. Contact our experts to start creating custom faux wood blinds.

Faux Wood Blinds FAQ

In most cases, faux wood blinds are far less expensive than real wood. These window treatments provide the same organic aesthetic and upscale feel without the cost. However, certain realistic wood grain models might cost similarly to real wood.
You can get faux wood blinds that unsheath in a top-down model with corded, cordless, and motorized configuration models. Cordless faux wood blinds mitigate choking risks for children and pets. Motorized blinds offer remote operations to increase your comfort.
Cleaning your faux wood blinds only requires light vacuuming, brushing, and wiping. First, use your vacuum and brush to remove loose dust and grime. Finally, wipe each slat with a wet cloth and promptly dry them to restore shine.