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Soft Treatments
sophisticated sense of comfort

Why Choose Soft Window Treatments?

Custom draperies and soft window treatments have the power to transform the entire look and feel of a room.  They add a sophisticated sense of comfort and warmth.

Whether you’re looking for drapes, side panels, sheers, Roman shades, upholstered cornices, or premium top treatments, Made in the Shade of Little Rock has a full line of top quality fabrics and a multitude of designs from which to select. Allow our professional design consultants, led by Ron Carter Design, inspire you to make your home your own unique canvas.

Flat roman shade soft treatment with wood cornice over window



Combine Elements to Bring Room Together

Also, we like to combine elements that contrast–new and old–contemporary and rustic.  Like the wood grain of the kitchen island, which offsets the smooth glaze of the handmade pottery, clean lines of classic white trim, and weathered metal chairs.

RON CARTER DESIGN TIP:  At a distance, there is an ombre stripe in these tailored Roman shades, with graduated colors of tomato to smoked paprika, chili powder to cumin.  However, up close, the fabric reveals a complex, micro-geometric pattern of diamonds and checks.  These patterns play with the light and dark, matte and sheen, bright and muted tones.  The complexity allows you  to explore multiple color schemes.

After you are ready, please call us TODAY to help you create beautifully designed Soft Window Treatments.  We want to help you make a fashionable statement, from trendy to modern, and traditional to contemporary.  You can even consider an elegant and glowing sheer shade when considering curtains and drapes.  So, don’t forget to browse these unique options before deciding.  In addition, we have a great Pinterest site that has thousands of ideas and inspiration, so take a look at “Amazing Windows.”

RON CARTER DESIGN TIP:  Mounting drapery panels at the ceiling heightens the drama, elongating the space and instantly drawing the eye up for a grander overall effect.

Draperies / Soft Window Treatment Features:

  • Choose from hundreds of beautiful, premium fabrics
  • Simple, straightforward pricing
  • Premium light-filtering liner is STANDARD
  • FREE cordless lift
  • Fast turnaround time on most products
  • Coordinating accent pillows available
  • Motorization available
Window Draperies with soft Roman window treatments and muted color scheme


Create your own brand of calm by covering a downy pillow with a classic white linen case.  For example, you can even pile a chunky beige throw on the bed, adding the loft and warmth of a cable knit sweater. 

RON CARTER DESIGN TIP:  Layer large patterned drapes with a translucent roman shade in creamy neutrals.  As a result, you can elevate a monochromatic design with your own distinctive style.  Just call me and we will work together to make this a reality for your home.

Soft window treament drapes and solar shades




Finally, let your favorite heirloom or your latest find shine.  Clear away the clutter to focus on one meaningful accent, highlighted by the strong lines of clean surfaces.

RON CARTER DESIGN TIP:  LIGHT & DARK–Solar shades soften and diffuse light, creating ambiance while protecting artwork, carpeting, wood finishes, and furniture from damaging UV rays.  Pair these translucent neutral shades with rich, vivid, jewel-toned drapes.  These will give your windows the same dramatic contrast that enlivens this dining space.  It is Easy and Elegant when you call the design professionals at Made in the Shade of Little Rock.

There is plenty of great information and helpful links in this blog, so please continue exploring the world of curtains, drapes, and side panels at “The Perfect Solution for Window Coverings with Ron Carter Design“.