Solar Shades in Little Rock, AR


Custom Solar Shades for Windows

Is your furniture fading, or do you feel hot all the time? While sunlight can bathe your home in golden hues, it can also cause excess heat, damage furniture, and lower your home’s energy efficiency.

Custom solar shades provide an aesthetically appealing window treatment that mitigates issues from excess sunlight. Contact design consultants from Made in the Shade Little Rock to learn whether interior solar shades offer the best option for your home.

Solar Shade Features

Solar shades offer functional and aesthetic features to benefit your home, including the following:

  • Filters sunlight to maximize energy efficiency
  • Limits furniture fading and sunspots
  • Eliminates glare on TVs, computers, and other devices
  • Maintains outdoor visibility for excellent views
  • Fabric, style, and color options provide ample aesthetic flexibility

Customizable Options for Solar Shades

Customizing your solar shades ensures you create the perfect window treatments for your functional and design needs. Colors, fabrics, textures, and accessories offer aesthetic versatility to suit your home’s style. Consider cordless solar shades and motorized solar shades to increase operational ease.

Made in the Shade Little Rock design experts help homeowners sort through the seemingly endless options for custom solar shades. Our professionals focus on providing excellent customer service and delivering gorgeous window treatments that exceed your expectations. Call to make an appointment with our designers today.

Solar Shades FAQ

Solar shades for windows typically classify as a mid-priced window treatment. However, customizations will impact the price. Motorized interior solar shades cost more because of the necessary automation system and smart controls.
Solar shades serve as sunglasses for your windows, blocking UV rays, limiting glare, and keeping your home interiors cooler. UV blocking prevents fading and discoloration on your home furniture and wood features.
The percentage associated with solar shades refers to their openness and how much light they allow. Lower percentages refer to more closed shades that block out higher-level UV light. Higher percentage solar shades for windows allow in more light.
Cleaning solar roller shades requires the appropriate chemicals and supplies to avoid damaging the UV-blocking shades. Use only mild detergent and water on a cloth to gently rub off dust, dirt, and other grime. Promptly dry the interior solar shades with a dry cloth.