Motoized Window Treatments for your home in 2018 and here the reasons why

Top 10 Reasons to Motorize Your Window Treatments Now

Improve Your Home in 2023 by Adding Motorized Shades:  It’s Easy!

10) New Improvements in Motor and Shade Technology Make Systems More Reliable

It’s been shown that motorized blinds and shades are used up to 7 times more than traditional treatments.  Additionally, motorized treatments last 50% longer!  Automated window fashions are intended for attractiveness and convenience, while new motors are getting quieter than ever–with even better battery endurance.  You can rest quietly, knowing they will not disturb your day.  No more cranks or pull chains; today’s quieter motors move your blinds or shades without the hassle.  In fact, your motor will be out of sight so that it won’t be heard or seen.

Imagine a wake-up call like no other

You are greeted daily by the rising sun by setting your bedroom shades with intuitive home automation applications for your phone or tablet.  Many new motors carry a 5-year warranty and are built with a 10+ year lifespan, while the battery lifespan has increased to 12 months or more in many applications.  Today, we can even add motorized tilt to our most popular 2″ faux wood blinds, so your blinds will tilt open whenever your alarm goes off in the morning–amazing.

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9) Child Safety Improved with Cordless Home

Without cords, these window treatments are beautiful and safe.  You won’t have to worry about children or pets getting tangled strings, and your décor won’t be disrupted by dangling cords.

Many of our manufacturers, like Graber, have taken significant steps to improve child safety with these features:

  1. Tension pulleys and tie-down devices to keep continuous-loop pull cords taut
  2. Tassel ends on lift cords that reduce any risk of entanglement
  3. Cord stops on horizontal blinds that prevent internal cords from slipping through the louvers
  4. Cordless lift and motorized lift options that offer ultimate safety‒eliminating the standard cord

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8) Increased Privacy When and Where You Want It

You love your vaulted ceilings, but perhaps that skylight could use a little sprucing up.  A motorized operating system with a custom “Pleated Shade” is a simple solution for skylights, tall windows, and other hard-to-reach treatments!

Pleated Shades Motorized Window Treatment from Graber blinds

Pleated Shades have Amazing Designer Colors and are Easily Motorized.

Imagine you are sitting on your couch watching soap operas, and when things start to get emotional, you see your neighbor peeking through your window. Don’t you wish you could press a button and close your window blinds to shut that nosy fellow out? Well, with motorized blinds, you can certainly do that.

7) Energy Efficiency with Wi-Fi Thermostats & “Alexa” Integrated Shades

Alexa Lower My Blinds for Motorized Window Treatments

Alexa Integrates Easily with Window Coverings

Automatically closing your shades when it’s hot in the Summer and opening them when it’s sunny in the Winter will improve your home’s temperature.

RON CARTER DESIGN TIP:  With technology like the Samsung SmartThings Hub, you can easily set your blinds to open and close at specific times of the day – right from your iPhone, iPad, or Android device!  With simple-to-use timers, you can quickly and easily reduce your energy bills.  Here is another link to a site that details three steps to pick the most energy efficient window covering for your home Top 3 Steps to the Most Efficient Windows

My favorites that fully integrate with home automation hubs are:

  • The Nest Learning Thermostat
  • The Ecobee3 Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat

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6)  Protect Your Furniture from Harmful UV Rays & Protect Your Window Treatments

Motorized window systems for your blinds and shades will extend the life of your window treatments.  The gentle operation of the motor versus pulling/tugging on them every day and night reduce wear and tear.   Erratic tugging on the fabric will damage your window treatments and eventually even loosen their hardware, but motorized shades move up and down effortlessly.  Studies show that motorized window treatments will last longer than traditional shades, so protect your investment with motorized solar shade upgrades.  See some of the advantages of solar shades at this link: “Top Solar Shade Solutions for 2023

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According to the Florida Solar Energy Center, “Fading of interior furnishings is often attributed to ultraviolet radiation (UV) from the sun passing through windows onto interior surfaces.”

5) Take Advantage of Versatility with Automated Technology with a Multitude of Options

Today’s motorized window treatments are available in stylish roller shades, solar shades, transition shades, cellular shades (also known as honeycomb), wood and faux-wood blinds (tilt function), and even draperies.  The motors can also be outfitted with solar sensors (Somfy SUNIS INDOOR WIREFREE™ RTS SUN SENSOR) that can regulate how much sun shines into your rooms.   Systems like the Somfy SUNIS can close the coverings in your home when the sunlight reaches a specified level, thereby blocking out the heat for a more energy-efficient home.  This option can also be controlled by all the major home automation systems, like the ones listed below.  Things have advanced so much that we can even motorize wood plantation shutters and elegant sheer shades–some even have solar packs to minimize battery changes.

These Home Automated Hubs allow you to control your Motorized Window Treatments from Anywhere

  • Aeotech SmartThings Hub (MSRP: $129)
  • Google Nest Hub – 2nd Gen (MSRP: $99)
  • Amazon Alexa – 4th Gen (MSRP: $79)
  • Bond Bridge  (MSRP: $99) – BEST Motorized Shade integration for 2023

The Bond Bridge

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4) Add Style to Your Home with Automated Honeycomb Cell Shades in Hundreds of New Colors

Automated treatments today come in many elegant designs that can fit the interior design of your home effortlessly, like the newest energy-efficient honeycomb cell shades.  One of our most popular shades is from NORMAN, since they have over 300 color options and 4 levels of light control.  The options range from sheer (virtually clear view) to room darkening (most of the light is blocked).  In between these two extremes, they offer light filtering and semi-opaque, which you must see to appreciate.

Motorized honeycomb shades in top down bottom up treatment

Honeycomb Shade Featuring Top-Down-Bottom-Up for View & Privacy in ONE

When you hold these options up to the windows in your home, you see the effect on the room.  The light filtering option creates a glow that makes the room colors stand out and improves the appearance throughout the house.  It is stunning and the reason why so many window coverings are still sold in the home versus in the big box stores.

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3) Improve Home Security While You Are Away by Lowering the Shades

Motorized and automated window treatment systems with presets are excellent security features.  When you are away from home, your system can close the window treatments by evening for added security.  Additionally, they can open them during the day, so the home appears occupied.  Home security experts know that an open view is one of the most common ways that a thief “scopes” a home before a robbery.

RON CARTER DESGIN TIP:  See this guide to compare/contrast the roller shades as an option to protect your home furnishings, floors, and fabrics: “Interior Roller Shade Guide” from Energy Efficient

With motorized window treatments, you can also program your motorized shades to move up and down throughout the day.  They can open at timely intervals and create the impression that your home is always occupied, even if you are a thousand miles away.

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2) “Alexa, Lower My Shades” is a Reality with Today’s New “Z-Wave” Technology

Z Wave Home Automation for Motorized Window Coverings

Home Automation Signal

It can be difficult to manually adjust window treatments for windows that are out of reach in awkward areas of your home.  Motorized window treatments make opening and closing the blinds or shades as simple as pressing a button. Skylight windows are a wonderful place to utilize motorized shades.  Manufacturers have some excellent new motors on the market, like the Virtual Cord™ motor from Graber in their partnership with Somfy motors.  These motors are “Z-Wave” compatible, so integration within home automation systems is easier than ever before.  They transform window treatments from home improvement to true indulgence.  Whether it’s for one window, one room of windows, or your entire home, it’s easier than you could ever imagine, and here is a “How To Keep Your Smart Home Secure” blog that will tell you all the details on how to secure your new Smart Home upgrades in one easy read.

The revolutionary Virtual Cord™ remote (check out the video link) from Graber provides a control that’s quiet, reliable, and precise.

That extraordinary performance, coupled with a sleek design, means you can enjoy added ease and elegance with motorized window treatments.

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1) The Cost of Automated & Motorized Window Treatments is Dropping

Keep your eyes out for dealer rebates on home automation and window coverings in 2023.  Like last year, we expect the major window-covering manufacturers to offer discounts on motorized upgrades.  Motorized window treatments are one of the biggest trends in window coverings, along with future “All-cordless” moves across the industry.  Every window covering is expected to be cordless in less than a year. Additionally, advances in blind and shade technology will translate into better prices for consumers.  There are several websites to keep apprised of the latest in motorized advancements, like the “Somfy” link below.

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RON CARTER DESGIN TIP:  Homeowners are usually surprised by the affordability of these systems.  Of course, there are many options, so consumers can choose a plan that fits their budget.  We offer free estimates so that buyers know their costs up front. Please check out this updated blog for more info on our window covering solutions.


Automated shades, draperies, and shutters improve ease of use and convenience in the everyday experience when opening and closing your window coverings.  Motorized, automated shades are an excellent option if shades are especially large and heavy or in a hard-to-reach area.  This allows the treatment to be operated from almost anywhere at the touch of a button.  Motorized window treatments require power, either hard-wired or via battery, to operate.  We can help identify which option is best with our professional consultant who is trained and certified to advise you.

You Can Have Complete Control of your Environment with New Motorized Blinds & Shades

With today’s available options and price points, you can have privacy, control of the light in your home, and improvements to your entire lifestyle.  Automated shades are possible with the click of a button, a swipe of your phone, or just say, “Alexa, lower my shades upstairs,” and she will respond, “OK!”  Schedule your free in-home quote today, or just call (501) 672-0023.  Finally, don’t forget to see what everyone is saying about Made in the Shade Little Rock in our Reviews section.